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Grey Squirrel Traps

Kania 2000 Spring Trap £69.99

Approved Traps that kill Grey Squirrels

Elgeeco supply professional quality squirrels traps, powerful spring humane kill traps and strong live capture cage traps.  Releasing grey squirrels in another squirrel’s territory is not humane, it may spread diseases and it is illegal.  The Procull squirrel trap is DEFRA approved to quickly and cleanly kill grey squirrels.  It has been designed with both the novice and professional trapper in mind who may be concerned about their ability to quickly and humanely dispatch grey squirrels.  The Kania 2000 has a very strong spring and is safe to set.  Approved Fenn traps may also be considered.  In areas where protected native species are present, a humane live catch cage trap must be used when alien grey squirrels need to be caught.

Grey Squirrel Humane Cage TrapGenuine Fenn spring traps £8.75

Approved Cage Traps for Grey Squirrel Control

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