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Elgeeco squirrel trap with a refuge cage attached

The Elgeeco Refuge Cage is supplied with a plastic coated spring wire that secures the cage to the bottom of the trap.  The tension in the wire will also hold the plastic covering in place.

The floor door opening in the Elgeeco Squirrel Trap.  (See photo) is used to remove squirrels and attach the Elgeeco Refuge Cage.

IThe Refuge Cage top entrance has a spring loaded self closing door which can be locked shut with a pin.  The Grey Squirrel is then locked safely inside the cage before removing it from the bottom of the trap.

An instruction sheet is included.with the Refuge Cage.

Elgeeco Squirrel Trap also has a bottom release door

Elgeeco Refuge Cage?
Although an Elgeeco trap is mounted on a tree or a fence away from predators, such as foxes, badgers, crows, cats and dogs; the use of the optional Refuge Cage is recommended when traps cannot be checked frequently during periods of wet and cold weather.  It is also inhumane to to leave a trapped animal in an uncovered trap overnight.

All squirrels are vulnerable to cold and wet weather and a covered Elgeeco Refuge Cage attached below the floor door of an Elgeeco squirrel trap provides a darkened weatherproof compartment into which a captured squirrel can retreat if it wishes.

In areas where red squirrels might be present, always provide nesting material and check  traps frequently.