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Foldable Larsen Clam Trap Foldable Corvid Clam Trap

Larsen Foldable Clam Catching Cage

£29.95 each

Price includes wood split perch

and user instructions

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Top Entry Cube Trap

A foldable flat pack design top entry cage with an additional side door for safely removing captured birds.

The top entry doors are closed when a bird lands on the hinged cage floor.  A separate wood perch is not required and the risk of accidentally trapping birds between the doors is reduced.

Foldable Top Entrance Cube Trap for Magpies

 Foldable Cube Trap

£29.95 each

Plus P&P

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Larsen Trap Catching Cages

Position these adjacent to your Larsen Trap Decoy Cage to improve and increase its catching potential.

Use them independently with bait to catch a decoy bird.

Stand one of these beside your Larsen trap to provide an additional alternative catching compartment and improve your chances of success