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The Advantages  of  the Elgeeco Larsen Trap
Members of the corvid family of birds (crow & magpie) are intelligent, quick to learn, and very often become suspicious of ordinary Larsen traps.

An ordinary Larsen trap usually comprises one cage having a decoy compartment and one or more catching compartments.  The catching compartments having either a top door entrance preferred for magpies or a side door entrance preferred for crows.

The Elgeeco Larsen trap comprises a decoy holding cage and separate catching cage traps.  Each catching trap has the benefit of two side entrances and one top entrance or they can be set sideways with an open front and open top.

The Elgeeco clam action catching cages can be set in numerous configurations around the decoy cage or they can be employed separately in different locations with more chances of catching, whilst being considerably more portable and less conspicuous than an ordinary Larsen trap.

The superior effectiveness of the Elgeeco Larsen trap is due to the open top and sides of the separate clam action catching cages.  Birds are more likely to enter the Elgeeco trap because they feel they can hop on and off the perch and leave through the open top or the opposite open side.

Because the decoy and catching compartments form one cage, ordinary Larsen traps are often prematurely triggered by the movements of the captive decoy bird.

The Elgeeco Larsen trap has separate clam action catching cages and therefore this problem cannot occur.

Animal welfare is also improved because captured birds are kept apart and the problem of conflict between them through the dividing mesh is removed.

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