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Fenn Spring Trap Setting Guide

The Fenn spring trap is very powerful and should always be handled with care.

Hold the trap so that the chain, brass release plate and safety hook are to the side and the closed jaws are uppermost.    (Refer to photo A)

Ensure that the brass release plate and safety hook are hanging outwards leaving the space behind the springs unobstructed.

With one thumb in the pull-wire and your other thumb over the round wire jaw, ease the jaws apart against the force of the springs. (Photo B)  The springs are very strong, and it is a good idea to practice opening and closing the jaws slowly to improve your technique and gain confidence.

Hold the jaws held fully open and slip the safety hook over the round wire jaw, leaving the brass release plate still hanging outwards. This will disable the entire mechanism and prevent the jaws from closing.  (Photo C)

Even when the safety hook is on, spring traps should still be treated with caution.

To prime the trap; the brass release plate  must be turned over the the top of the round wire jaw and located within the brass notch  on the treadle plate.

The jaws will need to be pressed open a little further and the treadle plate raised before the two parts can be engaged.  (Photo D)

Always ensure that the safety hook is effectively positioned over the round wire jaw during these operations.

Leave the safety hook in position over the jaw and place the trap carefully inside the Fenn cage as recommended (Photo with cage top cut away); attach the chain to the cage and close the door.  Locate the Fenn cage as required and lastly, remove the safety hook from over the jaw.

With the safety hook removed, the force of the springs will clamp the jaws together when the brass release plate is disengaged by downward pressure being applied to the treadle plate .

Hold the trap with its jaws uppermost and the chain hanging right or left A ELGEECO Ease the jaws of the trap apart and engage the safety catch B ELGEECO Disable the Fenn trap by using the traps' safety catch C ELGEECO A set Fenn trap with its safety catch still engaged D ELGEECO Positioning Fenn traps with the springs accross the animals path is not recommended NOT RECOMMENDED For best results, position the Fenn trap with the springs as shown HINGED  DOOR ANIMAL  ENTRANCE RECOMMENDED

Attach bait to the inside of the Fenn cage hinged door so that the animal must cross the treadle to get to it!  Ensure that bait is only accessible from within the cage!