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6 x Fenn Cages

Each complete with a

Genuine Mk 4 Fenn Trap


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1 x Fenn Cage
Complete with a

Genuine Mk 4 Fenn Trap


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Fenn Cages

£10.85 each

6 x Fenn Cages

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Mk 4  Fenn Trap Cage

Fenn Cages includes a full width hinged access door and a restricted entry hole for rats, grey squirrels and similar size vermin to enter.

The vermin entry hole can be positioned at the side, the top or bottom to provide a solution for all trapping situations.

Elgeeco Fenn trap cages are portable and convenient for use on the ground and on trees etc..

When covered with a used plastic sack or bin liner, and weighted down if necessary, Fenn Cages provide a secure location for Mk 4 Fenn traps in and around livestock buildings.

Fenn Cage with vermin entrance and a service door.

150 mm x 150 mm x 200 mm (6 ins x 6 ins x 8 ins)

25 mm x 25 mm x 2.0 mm Welded square mesh

Finish: Zinc plated  Weight: 0.5 Kilo
Each Fenn Cage supplied with a reusable
plastic zip door tie

A Fenn Cage is a secure location for a Fenn Rat Trap. Elgeeco Fenn Trap Cage is Fence and Tree mountable