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The patented Elgeeco was specially designed to catch grey squirrels and It does not catch and cause unnecessary distress to non-target species.

The included peanut bird feeder attracts squirrels and feeds birds.

Specially made 31 mm square mesh allows small birds, such as tits and finches, to enter and leave easily without feeling confined.

For added squirrel attraction a tray of bait can also be placed on the floor below the treadle.

Patented Elgeeco Squirrel Trap and Birdfeeder

Pre-baiting with food on the ground which tends to attract other vermin, is not necessary.

Captured squirrels are up off the ground away from the attention of predators.

Does not kill or maim and protected species are released without being harmed.

Being located on a fence or tree trunk, it can be checked regularly from a distance without having to leave the comfort of your home or vehicle.

The Trap is made with 2.0 mm diameter wire, fully welded for strength and zinc plated after welding to provide weather protection and a quality finish.

Single catch with top entry self closing and self locking spring loaded door.

Separate hinged floor door for removing animals and attaching an optional Fenn Cage refuge that can also be used as a dispatching cage.

A strong carrying handle is provided.

Grey Squirrel Humane Cage Trap