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Crow Clam Trap Specification

Dimensions (Set)

435 mm x 410 mm  x 460 mm (17 ins x 16 ins x 18 ins)


50 mm x 50 mm x 3.0 mm Welded square mesh

Finish: Zinc plated

Weight: 2..0 Kilos

Foldable flat pack design clam trap

The Trap has a 20 mm gap along all meeting edges to reduce the risk of harming non-target animals and birds.

Camouflaging the cage with twigs makes these traps almost undetectable and less likely to be seen and stolen.

The Elgeeco Clam trap can be set sideways or upright, making it suitable for all crows and similar size problem birds.

Setting on the ground or in a bush with an imitation nest with eggs or flesh carrion is good for catching individual birds for Larsen Traps.

Birds are more likely to enter the Clam trap because they feel they can hop on and off the perch and leave through the open top or the opposite open side.

Crow Clam Trap baited with carrion or eggs

Elgeeco Crow Clam Trap

Exclusive Foldable design £29.95 each

Price includes wood split perch and user instructions.

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Patent No GB2535786